Introduction Ducati Challenge

The Ducati Challenge is the most exciting one-brand motorcycle competition in Europe. The racing aficionados of the Bologna marque, strive to create a friendly atmosphere in which competition and respect are combined. The Ducati Challenge is open for participants from all nationalities, with a passion for racing his or her Ducati on the most prestigious circuits in Germany, The Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe.

Racing roots

Originating back to 1979, the Dutch Ducati Club provides Ducatisti a unique opportunity to enjoy club racing at its best during the world renowned Ducati Club Races held at the TT Circuit Assen. For some of these racing enthusiasts once a year was not enough. They wanted to share the pleasure  of competing together on official race tracks, such as the TT Circuit of Assen, more often. With that aim Leo Fleuren, Ton de Bruin and Cecile van Hattem started the Dutch Ducati Dealer Cup (3D Cup) in 2005. During 10 years of existence the 3D Cup has provided exciting and safe racing, but above all a lot of fun to 200 Ducatisti from all over Europe. In 2016 five riders took over the organisation, they founded the Red Drivers Association which organizes the Ducati Challenge today.

Ducati Challenge 2020

The Ducati Challenge is still based on the same principles that has made its predecessor a great success: an annual competition for like-minded Ducatisti to engage with their bikes in international motorcycle racing events on official tracks throughout Europe, and enjoy! After more than 12 years this formula stands strong with a group of about 30 riders. The majority are experienced riders, with us since the very beginning. Of course we would like to welcome more enthusiasts to keep our Ducati club racing alive! If you are a passionate Ducati rider, looking to try your skills on the race tracks with other Ducatisti that value a variety of tracks, pleasure, sensible riding and a fair share of competitiveness, then take up the Ducati Challenge!

Ducati Challenge: Red by Hart, Fast by Nature

For more information and the calendar of 2020 please contact Cecile van Hattem at Cecile@ducatichallenge.nl or take a look on our website www.ducatichallenge.nl

Calender 2021

The year 2020 was one without too much racing… .. let’s hope together for a racing season in 2021 with more possibilities!

Spring training

Also this year we are working with Trackdays4all again and a group of Ducati Challenge riders will go to the spring training at the circuit of Val de Vienne from March 30 to April 1.

How nice would it be to start the season there together? 3 days to warm up on a beautiful circuit in a beautiful region in France. Then you are ready for the season!

So if you want to join us, register via this link: https://trackdays4all.nl/val-de-vienne/ (for questions you can also call Ronald, Ducati Zaltbommel)


After a miserable season in 2020 by Corona, we want to start again with 4 to 5 races. There are already some new riders who want to participate, so it seems to be a nice group.

  • Zandvoort with RSZ, Monday 3 May – Trackday (DEF)
  • Assen with the DCR, 28-30 May (DEF)
  • Oschersleben, Festival d’Italia with ART, June 19 & 20 (DEF)
  • Spa Francorchamps with ART, 2 to 4 July (CANCELED)
  • Schleiz, German TT, 27-29 August (DEF)
  • Assen September or October (with reservation)

Do you feel like participating a few races with your Ducati with the Ducati Challenge? You are very welcome! Mail with Cécile van Hattem at cecile@ducatichallenge.nl


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